Cypraea hesitata hesitata Lambis lambis Nautilus pompilius
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My name is Chris Kuzniar and I'm a seashells collector. I created this website to share my seashells images with everyone interested (Galeria), and also to encourage some of you to take up this fantastic hobby. It was a coincidence that I started to collect shells and if it wasn't for that, you probably wouldn't be visiting this website now. I have been engaged into this hobby for 12 years and I'm still immensely enjoying it. My collection is constantly expanding, soon it will reach the number of 1000 collected items. I'm interested mainly in cowries (Galeria > Cypraeidae), which I own more than 180. Besides, I like also Strombidae, murex and cones.

Recently, I have changed the whole website. Now you can log on and take part in discussion on phorum or add your own photos of shells in gallery. There is also a chance to put your article devoted to seashells on my website. Internauts who are registered on will receive a newsletter with information about website every month.

It is also available to get access to search machine, which can find records in almost every section (gallery, articles and phorum).

Now you can use thumbnail browser, which can allow you to know the shapes of the basic families.

If you have some shells and you would like to know their latin's names, send me an e-mail: with the photo of shell (but well-compressed) and I will send back some information about it. If you collect seashells and you are looking for some specimens, I will readily get in touch with you.

I also invite you to vote in polling about shells.

There is a possibility to put on my website advertisements like banners, links etc. To know more, please contact More details...

Recently I have bought some new specimen. Amongst them, there are: Cypraea aurantium (101 mm), Pterynotus orchidiflorus, Chicoreus cnissodus, Pterynotus pellucidus, Cypraea friendii thersites. Soon I will add new photos to my Gallery. Enjoy your surfing!

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